Wireless Sport Stereo Bluetooth Sunglasses Night Glasses Headset Earphone Headphone +2pcs Night Sunglass Lens

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Bluetooth Earphone:


Transmission range: 6 to 10 meters


Continuous talking time: 3-5 hours


Low cost and power consumption


Small in size and convenient to be carried


High-sensitivity RF chip embedded for transmission


Low-battery monitoring


Can be paired with 8 cell phones simultaneously


Comply with Bluetooth protocol v1.2 single stack play mode




    Continuous Playing Time: 3-5 hours


    Recharging Time: 3 hours


    Built-in Lithium-ion Polymer Battery: 3.7V, 150mAh


    Battery Capacity Auto Detection


    Auto Power Off





    MirroredLens can shed Ultraviolet Radiation   


    TR 90 Flame


    Shock proof and Anti-static electricity




    Voice Output Power: 5MW+5MW


    Voice Output Frequency: 20Hz-20Khz.


     Suitable for cell phone which has the Bluetooth function. Connect the sunglasses with your cell phone ,You can use it to answer the phone call


Package Include:

1 x Sunglass Bluetooth Headphone

2 x Night Lens 

1 x Sunglass Bag 

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x USB Cable

1 x Manual

1 x Touch Pen(Free Gift)