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Play Time:7 hours
Charge Time:3-4 hours
Input:5V / 1A
Operating Range:33ft / 10m
Speaker Output Power:3W

Supported Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP

How to Pair with Your Device 

1. Press the power button for 2 seconds. The speaker will turn on and automatically enter pairing mode indicated by the flashing blue LED.

2. Activate your device’s BT function and search for the device.

3. Once the speaker has been detected, select the product name “ZF-510” to connect.

4. When the wireless speaker and your device are successfully paired, the blue LED will go on and remain on while connected.

FAQ and Solutions


1. Why can’t the speaker connect to my device?

a. Check to ensure your device’s BT function is enabled.

b. Make sure your device is within 3ft/1m of the speaker.

c. Delete the pairing record(s) on the speaker or your device.


2. Can I use the speaker to play music while charging?

To protect the long-term performance of the battery, it is better to charge it when the speaker is turned off, especially when the battery is low.


3. Can I make or answer phone calls through the speaker?

No. The speaker does not feature a built-in microphone.

Package Contents

Block speaker *1

Micro USB charging cable *1

Micro USB  to 3.5mm audio cable  *1 

Welcome Guide  *1